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Our goal is to prevent school from taking over your life – learning should be life-enhancing, not life-ending.


We do your homework, labs, quizzes, essays and more. As always, we handle each project with great discretion.


Math. Economics. Psychology. Spanish. Sciences. We have expert tutors in every subject area, at every academic level. Get help with your task today.


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We keep all of your information private and all work is completely unique. It’s in our best interests, as a business, to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

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Honest. Reliable. Discrete. Timely. Flexible. Intuitive. Treats customer with respect and understanding. Able to pick up my style of writing and adapt to it. Responsive. 100% satisfied. Would use again in a heartbeat.

– A.F., California

The Homework Genie offers an abundance of fabulous experts in various subject areas. Alex takes great pride in hiring the best staff that can provide excellent academic results. In addition, he recognizes the importance of building great relationships with his clients. The customer service and follow through are top notch!

– B.P., Florida

I really like there is one direct contact, very easy going, friendly and the services are confidential. I like that it is all done by professional, smart people that make sure I'm 100 percent satisfied with my grades. The services that The Homework Genie provides are fast, at a reasonable price and they are very reliable!

– C.K., California

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